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Post Subject: About the serious Chinese High-EndPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/27/2009

Thanks, Keith.

I isolated this topic in a separate thread, reading to the end you might understand why.

Those commentaries that something is “100% original” I usually take with a lot of suspicion and it usually is an indication that the people who make those assurances are clueless what they say.  If it made 70 years after the “original” then it is not “100% original”, also not one said that we need the “original” – we need better then “original”. In fact if it has all the same dimensions and looks like the original does not make it to sound right. I can make a replica or Strad with the same shape and appearance but it would not sound like the one. Chinese companies are well known for their tendency to imitate external superficial attributes and coals discard anything else. It works with Taiwanis Rolexes – they sell plenty of them. What however I find interesting is that they do not promote this RCA remake outside of china. At least I do not see anther Jew from New Jersey who impost the new Chinese RCA/WE to US as the some kind of new marketing “underground”.

I have no doubts that there are plenty rich flaks in china that would pay for it. A friend of mine who live in China for a few year send me last night "alarming statistics" from "" that stages that there are currently  8800 billionaires who live in Beijing. Well, we in US, in 70s had each of 14th person from Texas was a millioner, so what, the G. W. bush was one of them… The point that I am trying to make that I, and I presume I might say “we”, have no idea how serious the Chinese folks about their own sonic audio objectives.

We know that there are many Chinese companies that make inexpensive hi-fi products but I wonder if China has a layer of consumers and manufactures that push the level of sound to it’s cutting edge. I mean are any Chinese Lamms, EMM labs, Spectrals, Wilsons, Rockforts, Mercury  … etc?  OK, let me put in this way: are any Chinese Bell Labs, RCA, WE? I do not see any reasons why it might not be so. It has nothing to do with money but has only to do with objectives and I do not know if the Chinese flaks have those objectives as a well laid out consciousness. It is a bit alarming that I never heard any very seriously recording Chinese audio labels that would be a good sign that there is a movement in the right sonic direction. There is a tone of great musicians in China, well, a half of US orchestras and 70% of US soloists are Chinese. Do they get good recording in their mother country? I presume that you, Keith, is a Chinese, or a westerner who live in China and you obviously practice high-end. So, if you buy recordings that you feel up to your level of demands then do you have options by you domestic labels?

Keith, do not take what I say as some kind of criticism, it is absolutely not my intention. I am rather absolutely ignorant in the subject of Chinese high-end audio and I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I know what level of high-end audio thinking might be expected from many countries (if it possible to generalize) but China high-end to me is almost like Jupiter or Neptune… If you have time and interest then it would be fascinating to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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