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Post Subject: The Tonmeisters, 48 channels and the under-table DGPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/27/2009

Scooter, I was thinking myself if it was a pirated CD and I very carefully inspected it, I did not found any signs of not authenticity but I am not expect in it. To me it looks like a legitimate DG album. Though I admit that with contemporary mean of production anyone on basement can make undistinguishable pirate CDs.

Now about the Mani’s idea. I have to admit that Tonmeister title make me horny as well. The word itself is such a powerful – what a fantastic name for a cartridge, or for an amplifier, or for a compression driver! I do not k now what tonmeister do at DG, I ma sure what they do is different from what they would describe they do in their resumes. The concept as I understand is to dedicate special people during recording and mastering process whose responsibility would be to balancing the technical efforts in order to assure that the final sound of a product has some resemblance to how it shall be. I see the Audio Morons who listen non-classical music blinking these stupid eyes and asking “What do you mean how it shall be?” Well, there is a reason why I call them the Morons… BTW, Mani if you even go do multichannel acoustic system with multi-amping then you will see that you are THE Tonmeister and you will be able to make any orchestra to sound in any way you wish. The difference would be that DG Tonmeister need to convince the whole world that their vision of Sound is correct. You, as a Tonmeister of own playback, would need to convince yours that you get correct Sound and this is a way more difficult and noble task.

Now, returning to your idea of different digital recorders/processors. Possible, in different sense, but this is where the DG Tonmeisters shall be QA the problem out. When I said “in different sense” then here is what I meant. That Kleiber recording was a studio digital recording; most likely they used many different tracks to record each microphone of group or microphones. So, the “master” of this recording is perhaps 16 or 48 different digital tracks that they mix together. Now, if you listed the recording carefully then you will see that there is very slight slide of tone with certain orchestral sections when they play loud. It is almost like strings woodwinds and brasses are tunes slightly different. Yes, I well familiar with difference of Vienna sound, I, like those differences and do appreciate them:

However, what is demonstrated on this CD is NOT that but it rather a different tune between the sections _ would say it hardly be possible at the level of Vienna Philharmonic and Carlos Kleiber. So, it might be that some of the let say 48 different digital tracks were processed during the DG re-mastering with different type of possessors (like the Lavry Gold pitch vs. Pacific pitch). If the tracks # 5-6-7-8 had the digital feed from the microphones that cared first violins but the tracks # 25-26-27-28 had the digital feed from the microphones that cared let say woodwinds and if they were mastered with possessors of different pitch then it might be the effect.  However, this is what the Tonmeister are for…

Anyhow, I do not know what the problem is but something is very much off on this CD. Am not a huge fun of THIS specific Kleiber recording, I feel Barbirolli, Giulini in Japan and Bruno Walter did better job, particularly with first and second movements. What Kleiber in my view "owns" is the third and partialy the last movement, which is truly remarkable in his reading.  I know the DG will re-master the recording very soon and release it at motherfucking SACD. I do not buy the SACD but it might be interesting if any of you buy then let me know if they fixed the problem.

it is if it was a problem in there and the CD that I got is not a pirated CD… BTW, it very much possible that the very same Chinese pane that presses the DG disks “after-house” press the “left” disks that do not go over the DG quality control. I have seen it many times before, what the hell, I run such an operation myself, and I know that it is very possible…

The Cat

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