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Post Subject: RCA driver made in ChinaPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/26/2009

A site visitor pointed me out today to that Jean-Michel Le Cléach’s posted at DoYorself:

I have some Chinese friends at my work and I will ask tomorrow to read it to me. It is interesting to learn what Chinese did. If to get more data about the type of the core they used for the electromagnet then it would be easy to find out how serious they are with their drivers. I do not have any personal interests in their drivers until they would try to do bass compression drivers with 4-5 exit, still I think what they do might be worst to consider.

What I found the most fascinating that their site has no western version, it mean the look only at the domestic market. Very well, good for Chinese! I would like to see more interesting playbacks from China, preferably with interesting objectives. The half of the world’s orchestras are Chinese, why they shall not have good playbacks…

The Cat

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