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Post Subject: Not so subtle at all...Posted by Axel on: 8/26/2009
as it sounds now, and what seems to be the issue.
Why not contact DG and find out what THEY have to say, that'd be educational, no?!

There was this saying about DG: "Good news, DG stopped making vinyl!" The bad news is, -- now they make CDs!!

I'd put my trust first in the early RCA and then DECCA sound engineers - and after a little gap let the DG's Tonemeister follow.

During the 80s and early 90s they were also affected by what's been called the 'zisch-bum' sound made famous by German speaker manufacturers such as Canton, ELAK, Heco, Quadral, Isophon, and so forth. It was supposed to be superior to what was called the 'English sound', being a lot mellower/warmer and less -resolved-...

DG's recording tone always came up with a more stringent (not to say stringy or lean) sound, some expression of "Prussian Perfection" I'm sure --- but it would NOT/NEVER include any kind of 'speed-wobble' that I'd agree with.

If I'm correct, most of all major brands/lables have been combined under the Bertelsmann 'umbrella' and they might just have their stuff made in China (like everyone and his uncle does)...


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