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Post Subject: The 55W from a single 6C33C?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/21/2009

Hm, a German company Audio Valve clams that this new Assistant 100 amps has

“110 w sinus wave - 1khz / 1% dist. / 8 ohm load, per channel”

That is bold statement even if you drive the thing very hard, not that I see a reason to do it. As many people before they drive the 6C33C at near or over 60W on play and stabilize current by applying fixed bias dymickly.

I do know what sonic advantage the 6C33C has by running it very hot – it might but the question I have to ask – of you need 110W for your speakers then …why you do not blame your speakers?

Anyhow, I do think that Assistant 100 amp is an interesting idea BUT I would like to see the Audio Valve to do a 2X50W amp with a single 6C33C per channel. THAT might be interesting to drive bass channels, of course replacing the Audio Valve’s originals output transformers. 

BTW, it would be interesting to try putting the Audio Valve bias circuit on the Milq LF channel.  It would not be hard to do – just measure current and slide the bias. The Milq LF has 450mA gap in output transformer, 5000mA power choke and 1A power transformer.  I with 400mA and 200V on plate I will have 80W on anode, interesting what would be the plate impedance in this mode. I presume it will be sub 50R. It might be fun to try this mode another day. I wonder what happen with sound of 6C33C in this mode with low level signals…

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