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Post Subject: Conical retippingPosted by Brian Clark on: 7/6/2005

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 skushino wrote:
Thank you Brian - you confirmed what I feared.Caveat emptor. The seller is the former Van denHul repair guy in Germany - Detlev Brod. He offered a new SPU mono, at a price too good to be true. I specified the GM25, and when I contacted him to inform him of the error, he told me that it doesn't matter - they are both monos!!!!!

The bastard!

Since these are conical styli, is there any downside to retipping with a "non-Ortofon" stylus.Assuming the retipping is done properly? Does supension, compliance, output, or something else change?

There should be no downside at all if you use somebody like the chap at Expert Stylus, UK (who sells SPUs at good price, almost as cheap as sourcing from Japan I've recently learned) or Andreoli in Switzerland.


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