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Post Subject: Re: Binaural -- or what ever the case was...Posted by Axel on: 8/4/2009
reading your post a most recent listing consequence comes to mind, that I could also not quite place.
I worked on a my cross-over, the RCL of my mid-range driver, and had a by-pass cap of 1uF connected over the 2nd base cap of 47uF on the one channel and on the other channel the 1uF connected over the 220uF 1st base cap. Now the 220uF and 47uF are right next to each other connected to the same pcb pad maybe 10mm pcb track apart. In each case we had 220 + 47 + 1 uF, OK.

When listening I had the same weird sound that I first could not place nor exactly explain. Not really bad, but just SOMETHING felt pretty strange --- wow, I though, more stage depth, width, height? What the hell is so strange, etc.

Long story short following a hunch I change the 1uF cap to go over the 220uF as was the other channel ---- and all sounds 'normal' again.
A very related sound issue comes to mind, when I played the same music (but not same recording) on CD and TT and switch between the two. As you mentioned about the "A" not always being the same Europe, US, UK, and now the same freaky, almost dizzy ear sensation comes about for a short moment until the ear / brain is re-tuned.

The cap related left / right frequency 'mismatch'?, left me with a similar if not same feeling of disorientation but it would not go away of course, but also it was not quite as pronounced as the CD /TT switching with differently tuned orchestras.

No idea if it is of any use to know this, but in the case of the caps it just shows that it is most important not to have any variations in connections even if they are all going to the same pad.

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