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Post Subject: I do not think it is about deafness and…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2009

 Stitch wrote:
I agree, the Shelter transformer is nothing special, but when you really want to loose hairs, try the one from Koetsu. Well, living in a world of morons I spend - unfortunately - too much time with reading idiotic reviews from guys who get money for that nonsense. But to make it easy to understand, this stuff is from Axiss and they really make a top job with their marketing. I am pretty sure, when they would send a stone to a reviewer, they would get a rave review about it. Of course, they would not tell the reviewer that it is only a stone. They would inform him, there is a Sign. version also available and believe me, the Product of the Year Award is close...

 … it is possible that the very same Dick Olsher’s under different circumstance would be able to express perfectly lucid views. It rather that and the Dick and all those similar to him people plugged in the industry and who fancy themselves that they are “reviewers” have completely enslaved and caged audio awareness that very severely screw up this own perception. I am not taking about the pure criminals who review cartridges over voice-over-IP phone lines (it had happened) or those who just wire up a “fantasy” review (it happened as well – the Moron had no phonostage or even turntable while he wrote his cartridge review. I am taking about the normal folks would truly like to share these own view with public but they are subordinated to the occupational hazard. We can make fun of the behavior, attitude and life views of those cheap street junky-hookers but kind views about love would one express after serving a dozen men per each evening? It is not very deep and not very intellectual association but it is extremely accurate association – I know quite a few of those people. 

Also, do not be too concerned that those guys get money for that own writing nonsense. If you look at the actual money they get for those articles then you will see that the money-factor is lobule. Those people mostly “work” for the opportunity to extort money from manufacturers and for the opportunity to send manufacturers go fuck themselves when manufacturers  invoice them (happened many-many times). I do feel that Dick Olsher sincerely found that Shelter is a wonderful transformer. At the same time right now 7.30 PM and while I’ am typing this post I am sure there is a few dozen of cheap whores are blowing somebody in the fitly toilets of Greyhound Bus stations. I am sure in this mind what they do is called… love.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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