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Post Subject: The Shelter transformers my ass!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/3/2009

It is not a secret that I am fan of Shelter cartridges. I do not use them but I like them, though I do not know how good they are good nowadays - 10 years ego the 901 were very fine… I am not on cartridges market anymore but I got today an email pointing me to Dick Olsher’s write up about Shelter new top of the line MC Cartridge.

I glance the article and read the only one sentence from it: “The best performance at the frequency extremes was to be had with the Shelter 411 step-up in the system.” I am sorry; Dick Olsher, but you are a Moron. The Dick I believe made my list before:

…and this time he did it again. The Shelter 411 is HOROBLE step-up transformer.  I was trying to make it to work for a few years but was not able to.  I have no idea where the Dick Olsher souses his fantasies…

The Cat

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