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Post Subject: But what will the neighbors think?Posted by jessie.dazzle on: 7/27/2009

Romy wrote :

"...The idea to have horn firing from roof is fine but in most of jurisdictions I think it will be prohibitive to build such a thing above roof. I need to check about it. To hide he horn in the living space is impossible of courses but in case of basement it does not take any useful space, which is not the case of ceiling firing horn..."

I was thinking that the upper level would "house" the horns; in other words, there would be a roof and walls to hide them from public view.

In the case of a normal ranch style home (one level, no basement) out in the burbs, the attic is wasted anyway; you could put it to use, and if necessary, modify the roof, letting the drivers live up under decorative little coupolas, complete with windows, curtains, and shutters. Here's a place that makes them ready-to-go :
Add some potted geraniums and the neighbors will love you.

In the case of a 2 or multi-level architecture, the horns would occupy what others would consider "living space", but with a bit of imagination, this space would not be lost; you could easily build shelving between the horns (audio storage?). In your case, all rooms other than the one where the system is are really only good for storage or sleeping, so you're not really loosing LIVING space.


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