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Post Subject: SUT:cart impedance match 1:1 ?Posted by Axel on: 7/24/2009

Hi Romy,

of course, no manufacturer give one value only (non that I would know), but will spec. a range starting with some value e.g. >10ohm or say >100ohm and either putting a cap at 500ohm, 1k or nothing at all, meaning 47k (if that suits you). Lyra would give a start point of say >100ohm 'normal' (no SUT) and >10ohm for use with SUT.

You say: >> The right values of loading would be derivatives of many things and it is fine that in different installations they might be wary within a sensible limits. <<
Of course also fine, yes. I was hoping to get some specifics from you when looking at a BEST "impedance match" ~ 1:1 with the cart in use, and if you had figured out some ball-park value which then can be used as point of departure for listening test.

The smaller the DCR value of the cart (>0.3mV) the closer is the REAL impedance of the cart (20Hz - 20kHz) to that DCR value, because it will have a VERY small inductance, no?


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