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Post Subject: Oh, yeah... the sound of the Thing Itself...Posted by Paul S on: 7/19/2009
Points about the self-sound of the PH-77 are well taken, not that I'll be spending 8K on anything any time soon, regardless of its "value".

My own K&K phono stage is totally Spartan, just to avoid all the circuitry that typically facilitates the sorts of "options" and  "flexibility" sported by the PH-77.  The K&K does have mono and phase switching, however.

Likewise, my "pre-amp" is totally hair shirt; but it is balanced and it also has a phase switch (on its remote...).

As for BS, AMR came right out of the gate with that noise spec, so I am sure they can come up with creative spiel about pricing, etc., as well, if they need to.  I think the English Tom Evans "Super Groove" phono stage has done OK at near that price, if that is any indication, and people here seem to scoop up the Steelheads and such.

As for how valuable non-RIAA re-shaping/correction of playback might might be to me, obviously I'd have to try it.  Sure, the AMR night be a poor implementation of a good idea, or a good implementation of a poor idea.  And I am generally suspicious of gear that tries to do too much.

It is true that I just want something that fixes the weird-shaped sound, and certainly I am projecting my desire onto this object.

Like I said earlier, I hope someone runs it against the Boulder 2008.

Best regards,
Paul S

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