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Post Subject: The Practical Applications, Already...Posted by Paul S on: 7/18/2009
I thought of the AMR equalization curve options as I listened to a London FFRR LP (Kubelik/VPO/New World) today using my new technique to optimize stylus tracking.

The FFRRs are well known to have some extra LF, all right, but with optimum VTA this recording was obviously not standard RIAA, so strong and freakish is the deepest "bass" with my standard-RIAA-only phono stage.

As it happens, the AMR offers up several (4) different equalization curve options just for the various London/Decca FFRR!

I hope I don't start morbidly cruising through my old LPs just to check for equalization mis-matches!

How sick would that be!?!

Paul S

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