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Post Subject: This Vitavox 15-incher....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/13/2009

A few months back a guy from Europe showed up at this site proposing to sell a set Vitavox K15/40 and Vitavox S2 drivers. I did not need them, I have my own stash, not one looks like needed us as well. In a couple months he reinstated that the drivers are still for sale. I did not need them but because I am perhaps an idiots who cannot pass this thing like this I extended to the guy an aggressive contra-offer, he accepted it....

Today I got the shipment from Denmark and decided to expect it. The S2 with the “narrow” horn was fine but the driver was something very different. I need to preface that I know Vitavox 15-inchers very well. I played extensively and own a few pairs of K15/40 and 151 drivers. I played with other Vitavox 15-inchers but decided do not keep them. The drivers I keep I consider the most interesting 15-inchers ever made sonically and I keep them for the times when I have room for my 45Hz bass horn. This new K15/40 from Holland was beyond my expectations and in the history of my drivers I will like to give to it like to the case with Struds, his own name – the Netherlandian K15/40.

I thought that was spoiled with my Vitavox 15-inchers but the Netherlandian opened a new definition of being spoiled. The Netherlandian came in original wooden box were it was sitting for 55 years. The driver is never use and the screen on the dust cap has even not dirt on it. The box itself is very cool thing as it made from a gyroscopic wood.  That keep the cone very dry and not saggy as most of the vintage drivers are is they are not installed in speakers.

I took it from the box and did what I usually do with all my bass drivers – I taped the cone, scratched it with my nail, listening how the driver will response. The sound the Netherlandian responseed with was the best bass I ever heard in my live in audio. It had that amassing tone of the Davidov cello – superbly crisp, superbly soft with smoked overtones and mysterious depth of harmonics reminding nothing else then the mysterious of Mona Lisa’s smile.  To scratched the Netherlandian driver and listen what it did with Sound was a completely separate esthetical pleasure… and this was what I did for a next hour. I sit on my couch, took a nice cigar, shut down my playback, hug the Netherlandian driver and spent a good hour of quality time, scratching the driver’s cone, listening how it response with own unique sound. The Netherlandian is not a transducer but it is in was a very fine musical instrument…

I so would like to put the Netherlandian in use sometimes…. Sometime it will happen…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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