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Post Subject: Narrowing It DownPosted by Paul S on: 7/9/2009

This would be a fine feature, indeed, if it could really avoid second-guessing.

The key for an auto-reader/adjust would be the ability to  know if a given embedded range of frequencies is supposed to be louder or quieter.  And to be of any real value, it would have to be able to do this with old records, which is to say without any special prior encoding.

It looks like the AMR folks do offer up a list of record labels and related manufacture dates to try to connect with the correct curves.

I wonder offhand how accurate their information would prove to be, in practical terms.  If very accurate, then it should be easy enough to just set the curve with a switch, which could be on a remote, of course.

Without some kind of guidance, though, you'd go crazy trying to do it by ear!

Best regards,
Paul S

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