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Post Subject: The self-tunable auto-RIAA?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/9/2009

Thinking further about what AMR PH-77 is trying to do some ideas come to me…

At my photography life time when we use to shot on color reversal films we included a gray scale.  I personally never was huge fun of this practice as the E6 process has some discrepancies at maximum and minimum densities and I have other ways to “read” colors. Still it was an OK way to set the color balance more or less neutral.

I wonder if it is possible to find a premise under which an RIAA corrector of the PH-77 class would read sound (obviously on digital domain) and detect the right EQ curve? Well, know the right frequencies of the right pitches and I think if we have a slow-reacting processor that would calculate the error then it can suggest a right EQ curve. Years back I was proposed the same for real time “reading” the correct speed of the TT’s platter, but I think the idea has some potential.

It is not a concrete proposal but an opportunity to think further about it.

The Cat

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