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Post Subject: Finally, Features that Really MatterPosted by Paul S on: 7/5/2009

Well, I guess that about covers it, all right!

But how do they get the 12AT7 input noise down 147 dB?!?

They do mention something about using "quantum particle research", which might mean Bybee filters, or op amps, or both.

So is this thing 2-stage or (as seems more likely) 3 stage?

I am always paranoid of features and adaptability, which generally imply switching, which I distrust.

But perhaps they use relays for switching, to keep all the switches out of the signal path?

Kudos for the features, in any case, and right-on for the up-front offer to upgrade the betas gratis!

IMO, it would not have to sound any better than other top phonostages in order to be better, in practical terms.

I hope some whack-o runs it head-to-head with the Boulder 2008...

Best regards,
Paul S

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