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Post Subject: A rare noble behavior from a manufacturer!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/5/2009

Actually I just paid attention to an interesting detail that probably would make AMR to be banned from next CES manufactures dinner. The AMR violated the most holly rule of hi-fi. They said:

“* The PH-77 is currently shipping with a reference 16 bit/48kHz Analogue to Digital converter; customers will receive a no-cost upgrade to the 24 bit/96kHz Analogue to Digital converter once it is commercially available from the semiconductor manufacturer.”

Pay attention, they do not release their unit “as is” and then in a year or so when their 24/96kHz converter become available introduce the MKII model of $1000 update. Instead they promise the “no-cost upgrade” in future. That is VERY commendable behavior, something that I never seen in hi-fi.

The Cat

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