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Post Subject: Audio Utopia - a good voyage?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/29/2009

What do you know; I bought yesterday an Absolute Sound at newsstand!

In the issue there was big article about the new Grand Utopia EM. I read it and I was not pleased what I read as the review was in many ways mistaken. In facts the review was so much mistaken, mistaken in its general intend, that if those people work for me than I would very much consider the inanity expressed in the review as a fireable offence.

I will not criticizing the review in details – it is not my objective. but I would bring up the main point of this post – the responsibility of the adult and experienced people for what they state publicly in official reviews. The golden times when manufactures took reviewers in court and made them to shut up their blabbing are gone and now audio reviewering skunks are roaming the prairies of audio idiocy unreprimandably and unpunishbly.

So, what upset me the most in the Grand Utopia’s review? It was the facts that the major flaw of the new Grand Utopia was not struck by the reviewers, furthermore the major flaw was sold to public as some kind of accomplishment and very beneficial feature. It would be similar as if a sales-person of the Bristol-Myers Squibb would try to convince his audiences that those cancer metastases are very nice “feature” in a body…

Now, back in the Koetsu thread, in analog forum, a few days back I have expressed my view that professional reviewing, besides anything else shall be a first line of consumer defense, sort of initial Quality Control, the way how it work in many other industries. At the same thread I made clear that in my view the bad quality of many audio products is a direct responsibility of negligence, ignorance or in many cases the criminal intent of the reviewers, as the Quality Control people of audio. The problem is that in very many cases the manufactures are clueless what they produce. I do not want to say that manufactures are fools, some of them not, but in many cases they very much are. It is the job of the Quality Control -reviewers to filter out the wrong moves and strike the erroneous directions…

Ok, take a look how all of it applies to Grand Utopia EM. I will leave aside all those bogus claims about the electromagnetism and the rest pure meaningless talking points were stressed in the review. My primary concern is that one of the most idiotic features of the new Grand Utopia – the bendable axis – was not only left without criticism but rather was “sold” as some kind of discovery of audio Ark of Covenant.  The ability of the new Grand Utopia to extend the channels along the axis is wonderful and all glory for this shall be given to Grand Utopia. I would personally question the ability of the ordinary people on the fields to properly time-align the drivers but I would let it pass. The “along the axis” alignment is a very-very positive and welcoming functionality in my book. However, I have no idea what was in the sick mind of that Moron who decided that Grand Utopia shall allow changing the angle of the axis. The bendable axis is not only horrible decision but I am afraid that with the  idioticly-positive acceptance it got from the reviewers the “feature” might be filtered in into many other speakers, the speakers that the industry will introduce in the coming years. The bendable axis made good picture and it about it. Unfortunately the Quality Control resources – the pack of reviewers -  do not care about anything else…

I was trying to educate the fools years back

but to call to the reviewing senses “of hearing” if similar to  making an attempt to house-train an alligator….

Anyhow, the Grand Utopia EM is deployed to swim in the ocean of audio idiocy, nicely oiled-up with the professional expertise of the industry Quality Assurance.  In the days when the foolish films like the “Transformers’ Revenge” beat up the sales records and the popcorn is considered as the most discriminative food the Grand Utopia’s sales-drift might be a considered as a “good voyage”…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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