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Post Subject: Yes, we can...Posted by Stitch on: 6/27/2009
Like I wrote, I wanted to give another try with the Graham Phantom II, one of most modern Arms today.


Unfortunately there was no difference.
But what I did now, I tried it with those "audiophile" Pressings, you know, the kind of records you hear in Demos and normally you leave with bleeding ears...

For THAT it is a great cartridge, but that's nothing new..
Well, but this is not the worst, in front I have on that kind of Ranking

- Air Tight PC-1

- Goldfinger v2
both highly regarded Cartridges from TAS (Jonathan Valin)
of course....

(got a call from my buddy, he had this cartridge 3 weeks for listening, he wanted to buy it - B&W Speakers, Accuphase amplification... - heĀ 
love(d) it and now he is confused about my opinion...
....I feel bad...High End means: Born to Suffer (sic!)

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