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Post Subject: Magico Model 6 loudspeakers.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/20/2009

I heard today the Magico Model 6 loudspeakers about which the audio industry pimps of all calibers created so much stink lately. I did not have a chance to listen Magico extensively: a little guy who felt the he owed the room begun to jump in my eyes and try to prove to me that he is not a borings disposable dupe (a common, almost a Pavlovian Dog reaction from those people), so the listening session was aborted.

From the very short listening that I had I got a feeling about Magico. Perhaps it is not objective feeling as the system was very randomly and most likely brainlessly assembled, it was also not so good installed in my view in that listening room. Managed to hear juts two tracks – I had no my music and picked among the CDs that they have in there. It was some kind of Chesky’s demo CD with a track of Vivaldi 4 seasons (2nd winter if I am not mistaken) and the Carlos Kleiber’s B5 with Vienna Philharmonic. The Vivaldi was the original CD and Beethoven was SACD with CD layer. My experience show that the CD layer on contemporary SACD are notoriously horrible, so the famous Kleiber’s performance sounded semi-revolting but it was most likely not the Magico problem.

The Magico Model 6 did not strike as badly at it was with Magoco Mini. If Magoco Mini literary begged me to shut them down – they were amongst painful to listen them, then the Model 6 was more tolerable. The model Model 6 does have MF and were able to play a bit louder with less stress – not as good as some other speaker but not as horrible as Mini were.

Generals from auditions of Magico Model 6 there were 3 things that stoke me:

1)      Model 6 has very strange tonal quality. Not the global tone of the speaker but the quality of the tones, or something that I call the “absolute tone” (search and learn if you do not know what it is).  The Model 6’s tones were very simplistic and unsophisticated, the closer the tones were to the peripherals of the auditable range the worse it was. Somewhere in MF it was in face good but doing up and doe it was turning slowly to tonal nothingness.

2)      Model 6 has wrong HF. I know, I know, somebody see ribbons and they are driven immediately into multiple orgasms feeling that ribbons do the best HF. They perhaps do but ribbons have extremely poor tonal quality. I do not know where and how Magico Model 6 employs ribbons but something that they do they do wrong as Model 6’s has too non-specific HF and the HF sound identicaly to all HF tones. It might be because ribbons used too low, or because the Model 6’s MF driver is too tonal-impotent at upper knee or whatever other reasons… I also feel that the Model 6’s output has approximately 2dB more HF out then it shall be… but it is the idiotic “Absolute Sound” and “Stereophile” approved standard – a playback shall shoot HF teeth-twisting amount of HF to a listener face, otherwise the listener will not recognize the “industry quality”

3)      Model 6 has strange bass.  I do not know what is wrong with that bass but it is overly controlled and too contrived. Perhaps the speakers shall be driven with different amp as those that were use have in my view notoriously horrible bass (Boulder 2050 monoblocks that I know very well and heard with many speakers). The one thing that I do not like with Model 6 bass on specs is the fact that Model 6 used flat cones drivers. I have to admit that I NEVER ever hear any more or less interesting bass from bass drivers that use flat cones. Perhaps the Bud’s idea of ENABLing has to do something with it, I do not know.  Still, it was not the bass that I would call serious; it was too fast, tot condoled, too shallow and too atonal.

I write it as Magico’s products, being spun by the industry pimps, have not exposure to any more or less critical view. The marketing people who promote Magico by their duty are ether menacing criminals or deaf idiots. The people who sell Magico are typically-clueless pimps who just move boxes and there is very little what might be demanded from them. So, among the voices of drooling Morons and ignorant simpletons who talks about the Magico’s I feel shell be a voice of people who care about Sound of things and  not about the merchanting of a next cooked-up fashionable crap. I did not have a lot of time to listen Magico and there were just the first impressions that I got from that very short listing session. Usually it would more then necessary to say needed to be said about loudspeakers if they were used properly… 

Rgs, The Cat

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