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Post Subject: Got new mid/high horns. Now need suggestions for a lower range horn.Posted by noviygera on: 6/19/2009
Fist off, hello to everyone. This is my first post here.
I have a DJ/listening system in my basement. Mostly, self made. Some pictures:

Just recently i installed new Funktion-One RES1.5HS horns. Pictures:

My current system:
18" subs on H open baffles (Eminence drivers)
10" Rola on open baffles (really old drivers)
5" RES 1.5 HS (Funktion-One)

Digital crossover by DBX Driverack PA:
200 HZ, 630Hz.
Eq is "flat" above 600Hz. RES 1.5 HS sound very good this way.
Some eq used for midbass(minor, +/-2db) and subs(some heavy eq below 100Hz).

At this point I would like to move to a horn system. I'd like to start by replacing the 10" Rola on open baffle. This may be a general, stupid, ignorant question but, I'm gonna ask it anyways. What is the best way to do it, considering that I am happy with the performance of the Funktion One horns that cover everything above 600Hz?
Should I make one or get a used one somewhere?
My priority is sound quality over output.


p.s. you may notice (in the second link above) I made one constant directivity horn but it only goes down to about 200Hz.

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