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Post Subject: From Each According to His AbilitiesPosted by Paul S on: 6/17/2009

The ribbons surely do lack "qualities", but we are talking about serious "HF" in this case, and who says real HF actually wants "qualities"?  I really doubt that any "tweeter" that can do "stuff" can also do what the ribbon does best - in a class of its own, for that matter.

Yes, the ribbons are lacking in bite, traction, texture and color, so maybe you want that stuff from, say, 4 - 5k or so on up to your RAAL X-over at 10 - 12k, and maybe paralleled for a ways up there?

The best way I know of to supplement a "real" HF tweeter is with a nice silk dome; but I think "they" stopped making the good silk domes quite a while ago, and in any case you will probably never find one anywhere near your insane efficiency ratings.

I will eventually try the cheap Selenium phenolic tweeters, which "look like they might sound OK", and they can be had up to around 104 dB, I think, or maybe more.

But I still see the idea here as being supplemental rather than replacing the "Real HF" ribbons.  In other words, maybe the "problem" with the "HF" is not the Water Drops but it is actually lower down the frequency range, or it might be effectively dealt with in this way?

Best regards,
Paul S

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