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Post Subject: A “new” tweeter for Macondo, Round 395.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/17/2009

Ending up re-amping my MF channel, I found myself at unexpected situation that I am not completely compostable with Macondo HF. It is not that the HF are bad but they were made to serve the interest of older, slightly softer operating single-stage MF channel but with some extra “zap” of  the deep-idling MF channel  my current teeter underperforms in my view. I would like to get more “zap” this time from tweeter.

The Water Drop tweeter in the way how I use is doe not play aggressive and does not go rough. Also, it is very dynamic and it show itself off ONLY when it being g called upon, otherwise it sits in shadow. It does not produce the stupid audiophile “air” – it produces HF if they are needed. Adding the HF of amplitude at HF, even for 1 db make it worse but I would like not to have more HF but to have no more "aggressive" HF, aggressive  but clean. In a way I would like to use not the 175:1 transformer that I use currently (from plate to ribbon) but let say a virtual 400:1. Sure this transformer would not work and the 6E5P have no gain to driver such a ratio.

I kind of think what options are on a table and what might be done. The leading option is to put back a regular ribbon transformer that RAAL made with the original Water Drop and to drive the tweeter with some kind SS devise. Alternately it would be nice to find some kind of SS amp that will be able to drive my Water Drop direct coupled. The Water Drop has 0.2R impedance at 16R, if I am not mistaken. Are any SS buffers that can drive the thing?

The Cat

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