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Post Subject: Re: "performance-centric" sitePosted by tuga on: 6/17/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:

If you visited this site before 2004, when I conversed it to audio site then you remember that it was performances-centric site. It was structured by composers, and each (let say some) composition had a list of reported performances in descending order, according to quality of performance. The performances competed for being the “first” and so on…

I did not take this idea very far and I have to tell that I kind of lost interest for maintaining that site as I did not find it stimulating. Why the “competition” even needed? I did feel that it goes anywhere for me. I knew my performances and frankly I egotistically did not care about the performances of others. No one can teach anyone, people juts discover the new things with themselves….

The Cat

Hi Romy,

Whenever I hear an interesting work I come here and use the search engine hoping to find suggestions for interesting performances of that piece. I do this only because I can't afford the discovery way, and music magazines either only recommend new performances or serve a role as advertisers/marketers for the big labels.

I have once only asked for suggestions on Sibelius' Violin Concerto but I got the impression that you weren't very favorable to this kind of post.

Your Great Violoncello and Orquestra performances list has been quite helpful as well and it's a pity you haven't done something similar for the Piano or the Violin (although it's perfectly understandable that you haven't).



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