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Post Subject: ... drifts over the Cookoo's Nest.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/26/2004

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After I post my above message “The Altec Idiot” deleted one of my post (perhabs more, I did not check) within the thread claming that “it had no intrinsic value whatsoever”. Ironically, I personally believe that that the deleted/vandalized post was not only extremely valuable for the subject but was the most precious post in the entire thread. I have no idea what idiot-site-owner is so desperate to exercise his ability to castrate somebody else’s thinking and place his own labels and his own highly ignorant vito to somebody's else motivations. The deleted post had no violations of any imaginary rules, did not mock anyone, had no satire (the Yankee-junky ordinary are disabled to stomach) and was exactly within the subject of the thread.

I informed Todd as soon he initially contacted me that this is his personal site he is perfectly entitled to prohibit me posting there.

-----Original Message-----
From: Roman Bessnow []
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2004 3:20 PM
To: Todd White

Tod, my reaction is just mirroring reactions of the behavior and the attitude of the cretins out of there. Read my last reply within the thread. If you fell that my initial message deserves me being labeled as drag junky then it is fine with me. I have been OFFICIALLY labeled by them as 13 year old with a keyboard, a retarget IQ challenged adult, conical alcoholic, disabled to control myself drugs addict, menacing boys-raping homosexual, secret audio dealer, member of Russian mafia, famous intentions terrorist, Bin Laden’s associate, fat couch-potato…  and so on. Do you recognize the signature? I too much know the dirty methods of those Morons to perceive them serious. Anyhow, I am not wiling to argue about it, this is your site and do whatever you want.

-----End of Original Message-----

I do very much the same and I do not allow the ToddWhite-like-Morons and the rest of the audio junk to post at my site. All that I asked Todd was that  if he wiling to prevent me to express my opinions on the subjects or disabled me to protect myself against the humiliation idiots who crow at his site then he must remove from his site all my context. It was my data and I would like do not expose it to the ridicule of the Altec's site foolishness. In response, instead of deleting me and my context, he EDITED my posts and collected the publicity among his giggling Altec militia! How recognizable!

In all probability that admin-idiot on his power tip is so desperate to castrate somebody’s thinking that he should start to exercise his desire for castration on his own children. Perhaps if he grandfather would start on his father many years ago then today the Altec people would have a free opportunity to learn something about the performance of the Altec products? Dose my views sound too ridicule to you? Pay attention I DID not propose anything new but just reflected the initial behavioral I was expose, slightly amplifying the amplitude.

Russians say: do not plant wind - you will harvest a storm. Today’s idiots deleting my posts on Altec forum is tomorrow’s psycho-Bush screwing us in our White House. Anathema not to them personally - they have already been dead – but to the puritanism-screwed and fear-controlled consciousness that drives them.

Romy the Cat

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