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Post Subject: Vinyl LoversPosted by Paul S on: 6/14/2009
Reggie, I've also made some critical observations about Gould's playing recently, while comparing his '55 and '81 Goldberg variations via my truly terrible company truck CD player.

Yes, the best version of this cycle I have heard is the original '55 vinyl. But few have the original '55 LPs, let alone the 1S iteration.

Once we get into dubs, IMO all bets are off regarding which copy will offer the most of what, meaning, pick your poison.  This is one reason for owning several copies of a seminal work.

Unfortunately, THE Sound is where we find it; vinyl, per se, is not a lock, by any means.

Fortunately, Gould's superb '55 Goldberg can survive a lot of mistreatment.

Although I listen almost exclusively to LPs, I am quite leary of vinyl culture that implodes upon itself, like all object worship must do.

Best regards,
Paul S

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