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Post Subject: It's the Collectors, BroPosted by Paul S on: 6/14/2009
Adrian, your point is perhaps better taken with respect to new/newer LPs.  I was referring to the better old LPs that are only found on the re-sale market.  I reckon there should be lots more good classical LPs at used record stores, since (and also by your account) people generally just don't care about this stuff.

But it's no secret that there really are "collectors" who actually acquire LPs - including classical LPs - based only on the label, stamper #'s, etc., because they believe these LPs may be "worth something" to other collectors; ie, they are perceived to be "valuable" not for their content but only due to scarcity and demand (mostly from other collectors); the perfect circle jerk.

I have long been aware that unsold LPs have been shredded and recycled to make new LPs.  And it's funny that the "better" contemporary LPs all make a big deal of advertising that they are made from "virgin vinyl".  This gives grounds (sorry...) for the question, how many really good old LPs have been pulped to make bad re-issues?

Meanwhile, the power company has anticipated the cooler weather and kept the power at low ebb, so even the good LPs are off form...

Best regards,
Paul S

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