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Post Subject: Who Has All the Good Stuff???Posted by Paul S on: 6/13/2009
The paranoia has long since set in: I am convinced that career record shoppers have already gotten to and picked over everything any place I am likely to think of to shop.  I very rarely find anything really great.  But it does happen occasionally.

How exciting it would be to find the 1957 Rostroprovich EMI, or something like that!  I can think of lots of examples!

I am not sure I've played a Seraphim since I started seriously measuring the thickness of the LPs and setting VTA accordingly, but my opinion of all the DGs I've tried has been raised considerably since I adopted this technique. 

I will still buy clean Seraphims with good program material if I do not have the original.  If I do have the original, I pass on the Seraphim, even as a "back-up", UNLESS it is a record I have loved so much that I am killing it.

Maybe the careful VTA setting could make the Seraphims better, too?  They do have some nice programs...

Best regards,
Paul S

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