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Post Subject: After all: the vinyl shopping.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/13/2009

After my recent vinyl re-inspiration I did today something that I did not do for over two year – I went for vinyl shopping. It is not that I was walking by my local vinyl shops and stopped by for a glance or two -I do it occasionally – but rather I specifically decided to go to a local vinyl shop to pick some vinyl inspirations.

An hour later and $60 less I brought home 8 records that I will be spinning this evening.  A few words about the equipment. The arms look like keep all operational parameters of the cartridges over the period that I did not care/heck them. The last time I was caring about my analog setup it was what I was buying my last cartridge a year ago. Also, one more observation – listening the Otophone Jubilee is it EXTREMELY difficult to switch to SPU Classic…

I bought the Mahler First Symphony by London with Jascha Horenstein. Since the Levine played it LIVE so phenomenal last year I developed a lot of addition to this Symphony. The insult the injury to the Horenstein’s 1969 performance is that I pressed on Unicorn Label – a wet dream for some people. The record I got G2 but it is in meant shape . I have to confess that I am NOT a fan of sound from Unicorn. I always find it bright and mindlessly aggressive. Well, I paid the $5.99 to confirm that I was right again, in fact I was.

I got two records of Starker with Sebok played 5 Beethoven’s  cello sonatas. I think I have it on other labels. I bought it because it is an early 1963 performance and it pressed at a label that I do not know – British RMC. It looks like some kind UK Record Club. It might be as bad pressed as our TimeMusic subscription but it might be as good as the Reader’s Digest subscription. I am listing it now. I am not thrilled with the arrangement of sound from RMC label. It is not end of the world but not a lot of special; on a sonic scale of pressings I would give them 3 out of 10. My records are S1. The Beethoven’s sonatas and the relatively young Starker are of cause beyond any criticism.

I got a very interesting record – the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra performs live Russian showpiece at NY Metropolitan in 1959. I expected the showpiece but got literally shit. The play and the sound are horrible – a direct miss  and a good candidate for trash.

I got a new for myself concerto: the Alexander Tcherepnin’s Second Piano Concerto

performed by the author at piano and with no less then Rafael Kubelik conducting the Bavarian Broadcasting SO. I have no idea what to expect and I did not linen it yet but here is what all fun comes from. It is DG 139379

Then I got the Schubert’s 7(9) Symphony with Bohm and Berlin – I never heard this particular Bohm’s play, why hot.  I just need to be in a special “Schubert” mode – not today but I am sure I will be there.

The last two records are kind of freak of the nature:

The 1976 play of Ozawa leading BSO with Rostropovich plays the Shostakovich’s Second and Glazunov’s Chant. The well-celebrated record and I have those performances on other slicing but this record have some quietuses – it is sealed. Well, it is the original 1976 pressing, un-played and even thought the DG pressed badly in 70s the quality of the event do not allow do not pay 5.99 for the sealed 35 year old record.

The same goes for the second record: it is Rostropovich with Miaskovsky Cello Concerto on one side (Philharmonia under Sargent) and Ostrakh with Prokiviev Violin Concerto #2 on other side (Philharmonia under Galliera). The record is not the original EMI from 1957 but Seraphim piled this record up in 70s. However, it is also sealed and it is $4.99. Hard to pass by…

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