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Post Subject: The good times are gonePosted by Stitch on: 6/3/2009

From view positive, with those Reissues you can get some records which are extremely expensive as Originals (LSC‘s, Deccas...) and you can "go" back into a time where some things are made different, are to listen to some artists which were never surpassed (Heifetz, Oistrakh and others...)

The other Point of view can be, how good are they?

I have a lot of them and after all those years I can say, most are NOT worth the money.

The only exception is the 1. Batch of 180gr LSC‘s from Classic Records and their 4 Mercuries.

Superb Mastering, top vinyl, very close to the Originals (but not better).

Since a few years the Quality of the vinyl decreased, it is VERY sensitive to scratches and produce a lot of ticks/pops etc. Even when cleaning with a Keith Monks it does not change it.

But the Mastering from Grundmann is still top.

Same of Acoustic Sounds, in my opinion the best you can buy.

But then it gets worse dramtically, the Speakers Corner Deccas are foggy and really bad compared to original Deccas. But their vinyl is silent.

Today the analog "revival" makes the money go round and there are really awful examples available (Simply Vinyl...).

I think, when Hobson started in the 90‘s he really wanted to offer the best. Of course he saw a way to make money, but he really tried some expensive ways with Wilkinson and the Hardware; more and more offer Reissues now, for very high pricings, but I am afraid, the Know How is gone and buried. There are some Mastering guys out there who know what to do (Hoffman, Gray, Grundmann..) but most out there you can forget.

Getting good, silent vinyl, which can survive a cleaning fluid from Record Cleaning Machines  isn‘t that easy. Some can do it but not all.

Even when you get the Masters (and not all of them get them), a loss in the high frequencies is not so rare, sometimes it can be compensated, but overall, it is not successful.

I stopped buying Reissues and when I compare Cartridges, the differences from Orignals-Reissues is much bigger.

I would say, when I have the choice between a super expensive modern cartridge and listening to modern Reissues and on the other side I have a 900$ Pick up with originals I wouldn‘t hesitate 1s to go for the last.

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