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Post Subject: Lemony Lymaning LF LosersPosted by Chirag on: 7/26/2004

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i just joined that board like two days ago looking for altec info and found their bass allergic to cat dander as well...

unfortunately, this sort of group blowjob mentality really exists in all forms of hobby/interest/ gf teaches yoga at a studio nearby...she's fairly normal but what with eating all that tofu and cheering about it, those people scare me as much as audio freaks.

btw, i asked one of those yoga types last night what she thought of round tantric horns and she claimed she would weep for the desecrated fallen tree later that evening.  of course i immediately told her the best wood for the job would be endangered african wood with sap that cures children from bites from the Tse Tse fly.

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