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Post Subject: The Music is the important thingPosted by drdna on: 6/2/2009
Agreed Paul,

I do not collect and have no desire to collect old Shaded Dogs, etc. just because they are original pressings. I have a few mint 1S pressings, but I never listen to them, because I have no interest in the content. My approach is to go out and find the music that speaks to me, whether it is through a modern repressing, a CD, or an MP3. If I find it something worthwhile but its deficiencies keep me from connecting to the Sound, then I keep a patient look out for an original pressing at a reasonable price.  This doesn't happen overnight; it takes years, and I my collection is far from complete.

For example, I had the Classic Records "audiophile" pressing of Dave Brubeck's Time Out, which I enjoy quite a bit. But when I finally found a 1A/1A original pressing, it was transcendent in allowing me access to the times I have heard Brubeck perform the piece live in concert.

Lucky for me I mostly prefer less mainstream stuff. It is a lot easier to find a nice old grey six-eye Columbia of Schoenberg or an original Hungaratron of Lutoslowski, and the prices are good.


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