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Post Subject: Shooting CrapsPosted by Paul S on: 6/1/2009
When you just have to hear a given performance, you do the best you can with its iteration.  Of course I am talking about getting the best available version of a specific performance rather than suggesting that any old performance of a given great work would be acceptable, ever.

The trouble with the bad records is that they literally do not contain as much Music as the good ones.  However, some performances are so "loaded" (as Romy would say) that they seem to survive almost any affront by vinyl or electricity.  FWIW, I have plenty of re-recordings of great older works that I would not think of parting with, superficial problems notwithstanding.

The great thing is getting to hear a great iteration of a great performance.  Go ahead and buy a 2nd or 3rd rate iteration to hear the performance, but do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled.

Remember that this thread is also about really tuning into the records.  If all you do is try one record after another without optimizing VTA, then it's anybody's guess which version will sound "best" at that VTA setting, since it then goes from an aural comparison to a mechanical crap shoot.

Regarding the paucity of great recordings (of great performances), most of us have noticed that the good stuff has gotten expensive, and this is more because of venal speculation than it is due to artistic merit.

Best regards,
Paul S

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