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Post Subject: So, the non-paired tubes are the bitch?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/23/2009

 drdna wrote:

Well, I experienced the same exact phenomena with using different 2A3 tubes as you remember, which I do believe has to do with the mechanical harmonics in part.

I do not remember that, it you wrote it then I most likely did not pay attention to this experience. You are saying that you had imaging problems using different type of 2A3 tubes on right and left channel, giving to the fact that the gain of the right and left channels were balanced and that those different type of 2A3 tube sounded similar when they drove the same channel? If so, then it is VERY interesting fact. Can you provide me with more adjectives and more descriptions what exactly you recognize was differently-wrong in the sound of playback with use of non-paired tubes?

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