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Post Subject: The domination of the “mastered” releases.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/7/2009

 Doron wrote:

So what can the layman who wants to enjoy digital do?
Where would a normal guy get the raw files and how will he be able to play them?

Well, I do not know but my bitching about the domination of the “mastered releases“ very much in tune with my vision of about how audio shall be:

I am getting the “row” files from FM but I have to admit that FM is not perfect media not to mention that it is in proper format  it have almost gone from most of the locations. I am very optimistic about what BSO started: releasing the “live” row 88/24 files from their concerts. If we have a few dozen orchestras around then would offer the same service then it would fill the vacuum of raw digital streams

Sure the unlimited wet dream of my would be a dedicated, subscription only, high resolution feed with well managed (very loaded component) LIVE classical programming, preferably with “On Demand” option. I think we are not far from there and all that we need is the idiots who run the industry today to ground to die out and new people with new idea to take over.

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