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Post Subject: I do not think it has anything to do with transformersPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/30/2009

 serenechaos wrote:

on 3) & 4): Dave Slagle, Intact Audio, knows a LOT more about transformers than I do, and the nickle autoformers I got from him work so well, I totally trust his (and/or Jeffrey Jackson's) judgment to over my "guess work," etc.  I don't trust myself to do everything from scratch, need to/eaisier to commission some things to someone else. 

If you drive your LF section with SET amplifier with a transformer or use Innerstage transformer then use transformers to roll off LF and introduction of high-pass via transformers is not a good idea. You would need an explicit filter. Transformers when they roll off distort a lot and they would roll of with dependency with the strength of the signal - you might not want it.  The problem with the bass nigh-pass is that it might demand high order and it might be hard to do in a simple SET as most of SETs use very simple circuit and there is not a lot of space (design-vise) where filters or 2-4 order might be implemented. The trapped horns are looks like not overly sensitive to begin with, so you most like use higher power and higher gain amps. Anyhow, the key is to found out if the trapped horn in your implementation and with your driver need a roll off then you might see where to put the filters. Do not forget that second order nigh-pass on speaker lever would mean CL chain that would not affect damping and therefore it might be tried in there… Theoretically to unload the unused lowers bass it would be nice for bass amps as well but it you have SET in Class A with sufficient amount of spare inductance then it would not mater….

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