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Post Subject: Why no hoodlums build horns in Massachusetts?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/29/2009

It sucks – whoever builds horns too damn far! I need to see my congressmen to lobby lowering taxes for horn users of something like this….

Anyhow, the “erenechaos” comments about the “soft bass" is a good sign, though of course to equalize the coordinate systems of judgments is possible only sitting in the same room, listening the same installation and compare the notes…

With all of my negative predisposition in regards to the curved re-entry horns (that the tapped horns are basically are) I have to admit that it is not my major concern about the tapped horns.  My major concern is that the tapped horn is close- bottom horn and it is something that I very much do not like and why I generally extend my support to midbass horn but denounce the lower bass horns and conceptually faulty devices. The tapped horns are essentially the same – the “close bottom” horns – I do not like the idea, at least on paper.

The problem with rectification of the conteversy about the importance of “open bottomless” ironically lays in the attitude of many audio people as they in majority are very close-minded and so obsessed with own accomplishments that refuse to engage or even to recognize realty of accomplished. It is no surprise that the worst lower bass I heard was from the installations where people invested a lot of efforts to build that lower bass via bass horns. Anyhow, if is known that I am not a big supporter of the lower bass horn solution.

What I say is not directly applicable to tapped horns, even despite they are “closed bottom” solution as well. Perhaps something in them the cancels out the negative effect of “closed bottomness” – I do not know – I need to hear the thing to say anything more defiantly.

I remember a few years back John Hasquin  posted a lot of information at TriodeMafia web site about his carnal relations with tapped horns. I was banned from TriodeMafia because I expressed my strong desire for one of their assholes (Ed Sawyer) a soon and very painful death. I hope that this paces of human waste is already dead and the TriodeMafia might invite me back, if not then I wish that Ed Sawyer would dies very slow and agonizing with great suffering to anyone who knows him (I am not kidding)  - he and anyone who associated with him are well deserve it. Anyhow, John at that time send a lot of information about his view and his progress on tapped horns, I need to found it somewhere and to reread.

Keith, is your tapped horn also John Hasquin ‘s implementation?  Serenechaos, what do you use above 10kH, what is your midbass solution and how you crossover your tapped horn? Also, what is the dimension of the thing? Furthmore, are of you guys who use the tapped horns looked the different versions of the tapped horn,  let say Hasquin ‘s and Tom Danley's tapped horns?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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