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Post Subject: I call it: “The Reviewers Yellow Submarine”Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/25/2005

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 starboy wrote:
I guess the infamous JerryS didn't like the 90x that much... Hope the rave review he gave up helps to get his asking price. 
The more fascinating observation you would be able to make if you pay attention that the “infamous JerryS” sales beside his Reference Shelter 90x cartridge also his reference loudspeaker bult around the Fostex FE-168 Sigma full range driver. When JerryS wrote about the Shelter 90x's full-range capacity I was wondering how he was able to conclude it in context of the driver that is capable to handle sound somewhere only within the frequency range between 1500-4000Hz. This all reminds me Myles Astor who used the smallest Martin Logan fart-mashines and clamed that his turntable was picking the vibrations that was radiated by Russian submarines drifting in Atlantic Ocean….

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