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Post Subject: The tapped horns: cons, pros and SoundPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/23/2009

Somebody "KCCT82"  from Devil Audio site posted information about own installation.


TAD ET-703 compression driver <12k-20k> (107db 8 ohms)
TAD TD-4002 compression driver on 400hz tractrix <1.9k-12k> (110db 16 ohms)
GOTO 505TT compression driver on GOTO 150hz hypex <250-1.9k> (110db 16 ohms)
TAD TL-1101H cone driver on DIY 1/2 space 53hz hypex with 5" throat <58-250> (around 103db if not more... 16 ohms)
TAD TL-1603 cone driver on DIY tapped horn <20-58> (around 95db... 8 ohms)

All channels are active, crossovered and EQed by Behringer DCX 2496 and powered by 5x100W SS PP pro audio power amps.

I am posting some images of the setup. With all mistakes made in this installation some of the moves made in there are pretty good - I like the upperbass horn with 5" throat and 58Hz mouth. It is unquestionably that in this configuration there is no need to talk about Sound. Still, there is the point in this installation - the use the tapped horns between 20-58Hz, that I would like to accent.







John Hasquin told me about his 20Hz tapped horns very positively. I do not know… as the idea of the series resonant chambers is not to my liking. Still, I never heard an offensively-made tapped horns and I have no idea what kind sound people get from it. Sure, the notion to get 20Hz from 2 feet by 2 feet of footprint sounds so sexy. How that tapped bass sounds and can this horn to play properly “soft” bass is the bigger question.

The Cat

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