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Post Subject: Pacific and multibitism…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/21/2009
 manisandher wrote:
I received three Reference Recordings discs yesterday - 'Exotic Dances from the Opera', 'Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances' and 'Dick Hyman Thinking of Bix'. I'm surprised that I actually like these (musically speaking) more than I thought I would.

But playing around with RME's Digicheck again, I notice a steady rise in noise, with a -85dB peak at around 25KHz. This then drops quickly away.

I'm no expert, but it looks like noise shaping has been used when recording these. Now why would this be necessary, if they were being recorded at 24/176? Or is this an unavoidable result of using delta-sigma chips in the A/D?

I'm sure this has no effect on the sound... I'm just curious...

Yes, it is funny - the assholes from The Tape Project trade their tapes as Reference Recordings master dobs claiming that they were analog records and that those ridicules tapes has some kind of superior values. The fact that entire progress of Reference Recordings was very much anti-analog and was very much concentrated on Digital using Pacific Possessors is kind of in shadow.

I have no down that 24/176 files will be fine from Reference Recordings but come on – all those recording are well know and everyone know them by hart. It reminds me those assholes from Tape Project who for 2 years are drooling about the same tape of the “girl with a banjo”…

Regarding the sores – it is hard to say. The Reference Recordings record with Pacific and it is multibit A/D processor, I mean not the delta-sigma multibit but the true SAR multibit, at least it is what I was told by them. However, of you analogize the Pacific stream then it does not look like multibit as it has some strange wide bandwidth noise (like delta-sigmas) a many other not multibit-like features. I was explained that it is still a pure multibit but Pacific does a lot of additional actions with signal. I did not go to the bottom to it and I am not so competent to understand. I am not sure why they need to do in at 24 bit but regardless what I think this AD does sound incredibly good. I even was not able to make it better using the Pacific ordinal gathering options. This processor has a functionality that allow to inject dither during A/D and then what you read the files with D/A it will recognize own dither signature and will inject an exact the same dither in opposite phases. Very cool idea for 16Bit but absolutely not necessary for 24 bit.
Yep, it would be fun to found out what Pacific does. The Pacific’s DA is also multibit but it does not look like multibit. Thos like sticks at minis 95dB are all spread and covered with very heavy noise. So, go figure what they do…

Rgs, Romy The Cat

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