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Post Subject: It would be depending…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/21/2009

 jp wrote:
In my experimentations, the da924 doesnt contribute much noise in my setup.  Rather in my setup its the lavry ad122 thats the trouble maker. When all digital is turned off I have a very quiet background.  Here are my observations:

a) analog interconnects connected to ad122 and sansui, audible noise.
b) analog interconnects connected to ad122 but not sansui, even more audible noise
c) analog interconnects disconnected from ad122, little to no audible noise.

Has the ferritization of the lavrys screwed the sound?

.... depends how your equipment is arranged. Lavry AD122 is as noisy for FM tuner as DA924. There are tow factors that are in play: location and look across the wire. I find a lucky positioning of Lavry AD122 that is has minimum noise damage to Sansui. I care less about this residual damage as AD122 mostly works with Schwarz.  The DA924 is heavily treated do not toss HF noise out and I have a lot of successes to do it. Still it has SOME minor noise and when I record a critical programming ten I tend to shut down the lavvy D/A and monitor sound and listing the broadcast directly from tuner (it helps to have output stage direct coupled as it can drive two load without bass degradation).

Still the key is to treat the cables, all cables that go into tuner and into the processors. Do not forget that you have a perfect loop: tuner goes to preamp, as in the same time tuner goes to A/D-DAW-D/A- preamp.  So, you have two grounds come to the same point and this is recipe for a loop disaster. You need to be watch how you connect it and always do not spare ferrite on PS cables (common and differential mode), digital interconnects (common mode), antenna cable (common mode), tuner analog output (common and differential mode). You will be able to decrease the digital noise inflicted to tuner VERY dramatically.


I did not detect that ferrite affect sound negatively, at least in the locations where I used it.

The Cat

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