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Post Subject: Chesky Records went "raw files".Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/16/2009

"Chesky Records is pleased to introduce the 192/24 series. These discs are not limited editions but one-to-one copies of our 192khz 24bit master discs. The discs contain standard 192khz 24bit .wav files that you can copy to your computer's hard drive and then play back through any device that will support this high resolution format. THESE DISCS WILL NOT PLAY ON DVD AUDIO PLAYERS, CD PLAYERS, OR SACD PLAYERS. Each disc can contain up to 4.7 gigabytes of music. 192khz 24bit Gold Studio Master DVD-R Discs are available for purchase in the USA only!" 

Good news: Chesky Records begin to sell raw wav files. Excellent!

Bad news: Chesky sells nowadays mostly juts crap music. Davis’ preoccupation with multichannel is a clear suggestion that in Mr. Chesky head there is no “there”. Also, spending some time with David I do not feel that he ever was serious about Sound. I more recognize him at the same level of seriousness in audio as Steven Rochlin or Joe Roberts – the populist mouth-running clowns with a substance of HBO’s Da Ali G.

The more bad news derives not from my attitude and seldom failing negative expectations but from bothering me facts. David Chesky is trying to sell the same recordings in 192khz 24bit as Studio Master Discs copies and as the SACD. Now, the question is: did David record it in BOTH 24bit PCM and in SACD? I VERY MUCH doubt. Most likely it was recorded in SACD and then was converted into 192 kHz 24 bit - so, they are the "Studio Master Discs copies" of my ass!

The last one: when those Morons stop to use 48x formats!!!!? That drives me crazy up to the point that I boycott the companies that do any 48x formats. If you are in a business that use/sell CD then what the fuck made you to do for 48x? There are 44.1K, 88.2K and 172.4K. The invention of 48.1kHz was as attempt very slightly to soft the steepness of the filter to hit the Nyquist limit but it flys away as we have 2X - the 88.2K. The idiotic 48.1kHz and their 2X and 4X derivatives make the designers to put an extra clocks into our processors and invent moronic DSP algorithms of partials numbers conversions and rounding.  The 48.1kHz and its derivatives must be abandoned once and for good and the 48.1kHz able oscillators must be destroyed like the chip in the end of me movie Terminator 2. What made David Chesky to release his recording at 4x of 48.1kHz I have no idea. Would the Moronity be considered as a reasonable proposal for the answer?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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