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Post Subject: Just played the BSO Ordinal files IIPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/7/2009
Did you see me not to bitch about the things?

Ok, here is it. With all my admiration of the new BSO files here is another thing that I feel might be there - they might be more colorful. As colorful as they are they do have some pastel-ness of vibrant colorations. I think the reason is in the fact that the row files were edited not only sliced and as any other “master engineers of nowadays: the guys who do it most like used digital gain controls. Pay attention that the files recorded very hot and the peak of the BSO dynamic range heat 0.0dB digital. If they did not use heavy limiters during recording then no one would record at 0dB and let say they record at -2dB. So, in the following “damn mastering” they added 2dB to have the file to use the full dynamic range. Doing this the DSP (it it was used which is most likely) dared out the colors. I would very much prefer to have the original minus a few dBs files. Who care that they have not used headroom above. This is why we use 24Bit files that we not necessary need to record at full dynamic range as we have a lot of dB/bits below.

They we will not have something like this:


Also, did anyone notice that bass on those recordings sound bit too mechanical, overly fast and in a way reminds the sound of contemporary reissue LPs?   It is not “bad” but is it the best it might be? Nope, I would like to have bass to sound differently…

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