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Post Subject: Just played the BSO Ordinal files.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/7/2009
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I got the new BSO 88/24 files them briefly listened a few fragments. Generally I do like them and they are nothing like the 320kbps multi-channel WMA that BSO marketed before. My fear that the files might have issues with tone turned out to be not necessary – tonally the files are very fine. They have no compression, dynamic like hell, colorful and very good balanced. They are better than I expected and very good files, at least the AIFF files. BSO shall be crazy to release them for $9, I suggested to BSO to make them for $30-$40 and the quality the BSO delivered proofed that I was right. Anyhow, whatever BSO does now is truly priceless gift.

Now, a few aspects of criticisms:

1)      The recordings are started from silences but I would like to have the recording stated from the moment when the conductor’s door it open.
2)      I would prefer to have option to download sliced file or one single large file with dropped markers or without any dividers.
3)      I do have problems with the fact that the BSO files a bit too sharp and overlay boldly contrasty, not too much but it there. I wonder what A/D was working there….
4)      I do feel that some aspects of “magic” that took place sometimes during some of those performances got substantially reduced or eliminated in those recordings. My live FM file have it, the BSO files I feel have it less.
Regardless of my criticism, the BSO is congratulated. Let others to follow and please buy the BSO 88/24 files: let them to know that what they do is the VERY right direction to go.

Absolutely wonderful files, way beyond what I expected, considering the sound the BSO realized before. The files blew my FM files out water and this is very good. What particularly is VERY interesting for me is that my FM files and the BSO files were recorded from the same microphones and from the same feed – very interesting to listen both of them and very educational.

With all very obvious advantage of the BSO Ordinal files I have to note that there is SOME aspect of my FM files that do appreciate even having the BSO Ordinal files in hands. The FM files are “kinder”. I never thought that I will be able to say it buy Macondo can’t handle dynamic of the BSO Ordinal files. I found myself lowering volume during louse passages and adding volume in soft passages. Macondo with those BSO Ordinal files at -6dB screams like wounded in ass hippopotamus – who could believe that I will complain that  playback is too dynamic!? What to my surprise I learned is that Fm compression and FM noise (dither) makes Macondo to sound more even in a way to image more interesting.

To make wider generalization I would say the following: what I have now is a very much ultimate setup for my room to play secondary sources: LP, CD, tape, FM etc. However in case of the good raw 88.2kHz/24bit fillies are played then I think some design decisions of my playback shell be revised. I need to give some thinking to it as I feel that it is possible to get out of my playback more from those BSO Ordinal file that I am able to get now. I will post my further observations.

The Cat

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