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Post Subject: OK. BSO – the game is up!!!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/6/2009
As it was promised BSO released today two new formats: AIFF (stereo) in 88.2kHz/24bit and WMA (stereo) in 88.2kHz/24bit. THAT what I was waiting. The Daphnis et Chloé, the German Requiem, the Mahler 6 are absolutely wonderful. I just bought all 4 recordings and downloading the AIFF files now. If you can play 88.2/24 then you shall be crazy do not get those files…;jsessionid=ZE3G2MM4NF3SSCTFQMGCFEQ?id=bcat13430002

Now, I did not listen them yet but I see that they are cut by tracks. That is VERY bad sign. Firstly is because the files were mastered and secondary - how the hell to play them as a continuing program?

Two moments:

1)      What is conceptual difference between AIFF and WMA? I can play bothers and I never played any of them. I took AIFF as the WMA is some kind MS compressions. Are AIFF uncompressed files?  The AIFF looks like a way to go but it has 32 bit 2G limitation....

2)      Do the BSO editing kill the Sound? Let compare the BSO files with my LIVE FM recordings of the same perfomances. Sure I will not be able to match dynamic but I home I will be able to battle tone, imaging/space. I do not think that BSO “files-editors” will be able to compete what I get.

Anyhow, that is VERY good news and I can wait unit the files will go through.

Do not miss James Levine’s VERY smart interview about his arbitration for those recordings.

Rgs, Romy

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