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Post Subject: “A” sound from “B” system?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/22/2005

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Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Me and sub-90dB sensitive speakers and not SET amplifiers! I would rather raise money for Bush/Chaney campaign or to merry a Fidelity Investment business annalist.! However, it is what I am currently listening.

A couple weeks ago I put my paws on Dima Kireev’s amplifier. This is kind of one-stage hybrid that utilized Dima’s proprietary class “FAGB” operation. The amp is somewhere above 150W and can drive anything: from 2uF capacitor to an extra cheese pizza. I did submerge the output cables into the pizza souse and can testify that pepperonis were jumping in the pizza’s cheese well according the amplitude of the input signal… :-)

The amp now is under evaluation. It has no name but operationally I call it “The Breathe of Apocalypses”. This amp is a SS brother of Melquiades and it behaves accordingly so far. I kind of have those beautiful signs of the Melquiades’ dynamic anomalies. It is too early to make any further of final conclusion about it’s sound but even now there are few interesting things in that this amp does.


The loudspeakers are 88dB wonderful Scan-Speak 21W/8555-00 drivers in acoustic suspended sealed-inclosure and ribbon tweeters.

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