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Post Subject: Mystery, mastery or daylight robbery...?Posted by starboy on: 5/18/2005

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I decided recently to add the Shelter 901 to my collection of 'Groove Riderz' and wondered what was the justification of the price hike for the 90X. Read the same review as yourself and thought that I learn't nothing other than someone's opinion with no stats and just the usual cost more gotta be better scenario.

Give me spec's I thought... The internet highway brought up nada.

The spec's you dropped Romy was what I was waiting for (thanks), but they didn't relate to the difference between $1500 and $2700 buckeroo's.

Shelter 901 Shelter 90X 
Voltage 0,5 mV at 1 kHz  0,6 mV at 1kHz
Magnet  Samarium cobalt and highly pure iron Neodymium
Coils  Highly pure copper 4N OFC
Stick  Aluminum coated Boron  Aluminum coated Boron
Body  Aluminum Anodized aluminum
Response  10–50.000  20-20.000
DCR 15 ohms 15 ohms
Separation 30 dB @ 1 kHz 25 dB @ 1 kHz
Needle Elliptical; 0,3 x 0,7 mil Elliptical; 0,3 x 0,7 mil
VTF  1.7 to 2,0 g 1.7 to 2,0 g
Weight  9,1 gram 9,7 gram

So the difference spec' wise is Anodized aluminium... The cost of an anodized exhaust against standard titanium for my sports bike is probably the difference of 100 bucks so it ain't there.

The coils ain't 24kt gold like the upper end Clearaudio's so it ain't there either methinks.

Samarium Cobalt v Neodymium. (see link)

The cost of Neodymium can't be it either . (see link)

I can only conclude that the latter is harder to work with hence the extra $1200?

Maybe some metallurgist can spread some light.

And as for all the 'Usual Suspect' Audiongon types waiting for a low mileage for a $1000 and thinking they gots a bargain. There are stores in Nippon throwing 'em out at under $900 dollars new.

$900 v $2700

This isn't just about money but I aint gonna get shafted. Maybe one day I'll hear a 90X and think the outlay is justified. Really.

Regards and all the above are my opinion.

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