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Post Subject: The Big Bang recording?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/25/2009

I did not order the UnipheyeMusic. Tne only recording I was interested was the Beethoven quartet but I did not like how it was recorded.  According to the UnipheyeMusic guy the artists were too “famous” to give him a lot of time for recording and they juts squeeze 30 minutes form their schedule to record the work. Well, good luck to them… I a bit disturbed that the guy from UnipheyeMusic  agreed to record under this conditions.

The technicality is another matter. The best SAD plays of today right after reading the disk imidetaly convert data to 32/384 and then process it further as a pure PCM but not the stupid 1 bit DSD. So, who the hell need to record in DSD. The DSD that we have today is not the superb 4-bit DSD as Meitner originally designed but the 1-bit crap that even theoretically imposable to operate properly. The only reason why today DSD is around is because the people who use is are ignorant and deaf idiots, no other reasons. The entire notion of SACD was unfortunate bait-and-switch and it is good only for the hoodlums with the tease for the “audiophile blues”…

BTW, I also found that Unipheye believes that the 32bit (floating point) files sound better than the 24bit very funny. Wais unit they over 64 bit! What you do not what 684dB of signal to noise ratio? That would be too cool. You will be able to reproduce with a single driver the Big Bang and to record it with no volume control… I do not know even if to laugh or to cry…

The Cat

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