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Post Subject: Remote Antenna Rotator SystemPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/19/2009

Perusing my objective to be able to do FM recording remotely by VPN to my home recording equipment I think I found the last entry that I would like to have. I do not clearly understand if it is exactly what I need but it looks very promising.

What I need is an ability o turns my antenna rotor remotely when I am not home. OK, I VPN to my PC and now I am at desktop of my recorder. I can turn the tuner and D/A on via USB managed power port but now I need to reposition antenna to a right station. So, I need PC managed antenna rotator system.

This European company looks like does that but their explanations in English not eloquent enough

So, I wonder if any closer to home companies do the similar products.

Rgs, The Cat

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